Informer: La. 14 runs east-west from Iberia to Calcasieu

By By Andrew Perzo / American Press

If you go on Interstate 210 and get off at La. 14, the new signs they put up say, “Left Lane, La. 14 East; Right Lane, La. 14 West.” I’ve lived here all my life, and La. 14 runs north and south. Could you explain that?


La. 14 runs north-south in Lake Charles, but the highway actually traverses east-west across part of Louisiana, running from

Iberia Parish through Vermilion, Cameron and Jeff Davis parishes and into Calcasieu.

“Many routes contain alignment changes

for short (or sometimes significant) distances which do not correspond

to their predominant

directional alignment,” Deidra Druilhet, a state Department of

Transportation and Development spokeswoman, wrote in an email.

“Since La. 14 is predominantly an

east-west highway, the directions indicated on the overhead eastbound

exit ramp guide signs,

from I-210 to La. 14, are technically correct. La. 14 turns

eastward approximately three miles to the south of I-210 and maintains

this predominantly eastern heading to New Iberia.”


Statue placed outside so more can see it


does Dr. DeBakey’s statue sit out in the weather when there’s plenty of

room inside the airport terminal for people to

be able to enjoy it out of the weather? Also, it would be

protected from the elements. I’ve wondered about this since it was

put out there.

Officials originally planned to post the statue of Dr. Michael DeBakey, a renowned heart surgeon who grew up in Lake Charles,

within a nook in the terminal, but they chose to place it outside, where it could serve as a “focal point” and be seen by

more people, said Heath Allen, Lake Charles Regional Airport executive director.

“The current location was decided on

because the statue is highly visible to everyone that comes into the

passenger terminal,

but also under a covered canopy for visitors to be able to stop

and admire it even when it is raining,” he wrote in an email.

“This is similar to a number of other monuments in and around the area such as the W.T. Burton statue at the Burton Complex.

Lastly, the elements do not have a negative effect given its bronze construction and granite base.”


Turnout in McAllister election 18.9 percent

I would like to know the percentage of registered voters who voted in the recent election for the 5th District seat to the U.S. Congress in which Vance McAllister was elected.

I have seen several articles in the paper about the election, but I don’t think any of them mentioned the voter turnout percentage.

According to an unofficial tally by the Secretary of State’s Office, 18.9 percent of registered voters cast ballots in the election, which McAllister won over Neil Riser in a 60 percent-to-40 percent split, 54,450 to 36,840.


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