Healthy living focus of village planned for Nelson Road area

By By Eric Cormier / American Press

As the primary players in the creation of a new medical/residential community near Nelson Road continue their work, one theme

remains on their minds.

Dr. John Noble Jr. met with the American Press on Tuesday to talk about Imperial Pointe and shared what he thinks the multimillion-dollar project will become.

“A Village For Healthy Living,” he said as he pointed toward sketches of the proposed development.

Noble said plans are continuing with the complex.

One of the key components of the development is a concierge hospital that would house at least 60 beds and measure 60,000

square feet.

Noble said construction on the building could begin in the summer.

“Our community needs a new hospital, and we aren’t satisfied with the hospitals in the region, so we decided to go out and

build one,” Noble said.

So far, his group has also closed deals on the construction of a new bank and medical office park and is negotiating the development of a rehabilitation hospital

and wellness center.

Noble said his team has been working the past few months on ensuring the development is not only successful but “done the

right way,” therefore a concerted effort is being made to design a development that meets customer and residential needs.

“We learned that would help us create a

more vibrant community,” he said. “There is tremendous potential with

this development,

and we want the whole campus to be our legacy. We want people to

be proud to live here (on the property) and have it complement

their lives.”

Imperial Pointe is being constructed on 76 acres of land.

“This will happen. But it will happen correctly. We are not going to do this in a hasty fashion,” Noble said. “Over the long

term, we want this to grow, and we don’t want any mistakes.”

In an effort to make sure the final product meets expectations, Noble said architect Steve Oubre, the designer of River Ranch

Development in Lafayette, is participating in the Imperial Pointe project.

“This is going to be similar to River Ranch in that there will be high-density housing,” Noble said. “The idea is to have

a traditional neighborhood feeling.”