Glover, Finney in Saints 2013 Hall of Fame class

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Former NFL defensive tackle La'Roi Glover has been elected to the Saints Hall of Fame for the Class of


Glover, who averaged 10 sacks during five seasons in New Orleans from 1997 to 2001, is the lone player being inducted this


Glover amassed 50 sacks and forced 10 fumbles for the Saints. In 2000, Glover had a league-high 17 sacks, was named Associated

Press All-Pro and earned a Pro Bowl invitation while helping the Saints to a division championship and first-ever playoff


Long-time sports writer and columnist Peter

Finney Sr. of the Times-Picayune has been chosen to receive the Hall's

Joe Gemelli

Fleur de Lis award, presented to a person who has contributed to

the betterment of the franchise over a long period of time.