'Instruments of Harmony' coming to Black Heritage Gallery

By By Alex Onken / American Press

This Friday, Feb. 7, the Black Heritage

Gallery, located inside the Central School Arts and Humanities Center,

will open it’s

new exhibit, “Instruments of Harmony” by Taufeeq Muhammad, and

host a book signing by local author Sandra Semien for her book

“It’s All in His Hands: The Journey With

David.” The opening will start at 6 p.m.

“It reminds me of artists out of New Orleans,” said Stella Miller, the curator for the Black Heritage Gallery. “That real

rich flavor in the colors, I love.”

“With this particular show, we have different cubism and abstract and cubism paintings of different musical instruments with

different kind of views and textures, very bold colors,” said Muhammad on the exhibit. “We’ll also have paintings of local

and world renown musicians inside the show we’ll be having.”

Portraits will be done in impressionist

style of iconic black artists such as Louis Armstrong, Henry Gray and

Lionel Hampton.

According to Muhammad, the term “instruments” should be not just

used literally; but, as figuratively for the roles that these

men played in history.

“What I was trying to express in the

show is that the musicians are actually instruments themselves, not just

for the instruments

they’re playing; but, for which particular time frame they’re in

and for the adversity they were facing for their time. They

crossed a lot of different lines and boundaries for the time

through their music.”

He enjoys painting different styles for the fact that he feels it keeps his work “fresh” and for letting him being known for

being versatile with his art.

Muhammad, a resident of Baton Rouge, has several different gallery exhibits in the Baton Rouge area. When he’s not painting,

he is still creating as an architect.

Local writer, Sandra Semien, R.N. will

also be there to sign and discuss her book “It’s All in His Hands: The

Journey With

David” which chronicles her son’s struggle with learning

disabilities. The book starts with her son, David’s, birth, and


his struggles with learning impairments and moves through his

school years including tutoring and his alternative schooling

plans. Currently, he is a sophomore at University of Louisiana,

Lafayette campus.

“My husband and I never used that as a crutch for him, from the beginning.” said Semien. “We have some funny stories in there,

some that are heart tugging; but, it’s about parents never giving up on their children.”

Semien is currently pursuing her doctorate in education leadership and nursing administration. The book took over three years

to write. Her daughter, Danielle, illustrated the front cover.

Her son is one of her biggest inspirations.

“He has taught me a lot. Just seeing him not giving up and perserving through things and not giving up, and that helps me.”

For more information on Taufeeq Muhammad, visit www.magnifeeqart.com. Sandra Semien’s book is now available to purchase on

amazon.com. For information on the Black Heritage Gallery visit www.bhflc.org/