Fujita retires as Saint while in Peru

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Scott Fujita, a Super Bowl-winning linebacker who became enmeshed in the Saints bounty scandal, has signed

a one-day contract with New Orleans and retired.

The 33-year-old player did so not from an office building but from Machu Picchu, Peru, where he signed the contract Monday.

Fujita finished his career with the Cleveland Browns, but was implicated and suspended for one game by NFL Commissioner Roger

Goodell for his role in what the league called a Saints performance pool designed to knock targeted opponents out of games

from 2009 to 2011. Fujita later was essentially absolved by former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

Fujita spent four seasons with the Saints and was part of their 2009 championship. He left for Cleveland in 2010 and spent

three seasons with the Browns.