Fishing Report: Big Lake producing nice specks

By By Joe Joslin / American Press

A good report comes from Capt. Buddy Oakes of Hackberry Rod and Gun which said “Windy, rainy afternoons have given us the

opportunity to get out early in the morning and to smack some fish on soft plastics in the morning and live bait when the

cloud clear and it warms up.”

Oakes said good catches of speckled trout have been taken on the Gulf beach front during times of clear and flat surf. He

added, “The long boat ride paid off with big limits of trout as well as good catches of redfish.”

In addition, if you like catching really big, several-minutes-to-land redfish, now is the time to check out the jetties. Night

fishing for trout the past few weeks has also proven very successful.

Calcasieu River

Lake Area tournament angler Doug Guins gave his take on fishing conditions on the Calcasieu River by saying “The fishing has

leveled off and we are catching good numbers of fish but having difficulty catching quality fish.”

Water conditions are extremely clear for the river system with water temperatures in the upper 80s.

Guins said most of his fish the past

two weeks have been coming on topwater (Chug Bugs) and crankbaits. He

added that the

soft plastic bite has tapered off but he’s still catching a few

fish on Texas-rigged Trick Worms. If there is current or water

movement present, bass will stackup around current breaks on


Last weekend Guins said he caught bass, redfish and speckled trout on the south end of the river channel and these trends

should hold for another month unless we receive significant rain.

It looks like the guys fishing the dogfight championship tomorrow afternoon will catch some fish, but the team that catches

a limit with a couple of 2-pounders will, more than likely, be standing in the winners circle.

Sabine River

It is the same good news as far as

getting lots of action and bunches of bass on topwater, crankbaits and

DOA shrimp. The

tidal movement continues to stackup groups of fish and position

lots of bass on structure that seem to feed all day long regardless

of whether current is present.

Water temps are in upper 80s and the river is clear. As has been the case the past two weeks, Guins said they are catching

increased numbers of saltwater species, including reds, specks and flounder plus largemouth and spotted bass, which makes

for fun times.


Those teams who qualified for Wednesday Afternoon Dogfight championship on the Calcasieu River will compete this afternoon.

It’s the most important event of the year as far as this tournament circuit is concerned.

Today’s event comes after 20 consecutive weeks of tournaments, organized by Ron Castille.

I talked to several anglers who practiced over the weekend and fishing conditions have improved so we should have a great

day on the Calcasieu River.

We will have all of the results in next week’s column as the area teams compete for cash and prizes.

Tournament Results

Week 20 winners were Conner and Jason Fontenot with a five-fish stringer of 7.1 pounds with their largest bass caught on a

spinnerbait (just under 2 pounds) and large enough to also take big bass honors.

They also qualified for the championship. They said they caught their fish using spinnerbaits and finesse worms while working

the main river channel. Great effort.

In a close second place was the team of Mike Battaglia and Kevin Sensat, who used soft plastics while fishing the West Fork,

with a five-fish limit at 6.95 pounds. They also qualified for the championship.

In third was the team of Todd Fontenot and Jacob Williams with a limit at 5.72 pounds. They caught their bass in the main

river working crankbaits.

It is interesting to see several different patterns currently working on the Calcasieu and we wish all the teams good luck today.

Southwest Bassmasters

Southwest Bassmasters recently sponsored a night tournament on Toledo Bend with the top team stringer won by Robert Newlan

and Pat Gorsulowsky with a solid 22.84 pounds, followed by David Miller and Mike Ingram with 18.74, including big bass at


The third-place team was Gregg Burgess and Roy Boyett with 15.92.

Some reported using Berkley Power Worms and Norman’s DD22s on main points.

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