Fishing Report: Water temperatures warming for Big Lake, Gulf of Mexico

By By Joe Joslin / American Press

Water temperatures are slowly warming as they registered near 60 both in Big Lake and in the Gulf near Cameron.

Some interesting information came from Capt. Bruce Baugh, who reported last week just before the front hit. He observed birds

working all over the south end of the lake. Baugh said he first assumed they were working on glass minnows, but his party

members were all wading so he notified fellow guide Capt. Tom Adams about the bird activity.

Adams came over to check it out and his boat limited with 60 trout in short order and said the trout were working on some

good sized shrimp with whiskers coming out of the feeding trout’s mouth.

This lasted for a couple of days until the front blew it out. Baugh said this had to be the earliest that he could recall

the shrimp arriving in the lake. He said he expects this activity to resume after the front passes and moderate weather returns.

Baugh mentioned that the wade fishing

was also good that day but not near the numbers of the bird and shrimp

pattern. His

last trip yielded trout up to 7 pounds on Brokenback Corkies.

Adams caught their trout on Berkley Saltwater Gulp! Shrimp in

pearl white.

Calcasieu River

The Calcasieu river is very stained to muddy with water temps ranging from low-to-mid 50s. Like on most of the area fisheries,

cold air temps and cold rain have slowed the bass movement to spawning areas.

Tournament angler Doug Guins said most

bass are in a staging, prespawn pattern and waiting for Mother Nature to

warm things

up a bit. Guins reported catching fish the past few days on

Stanley 3/8 ounce compact spinnerbaits in chartreuse-white-blue,

Toledo gold or white crawfish color. He also suggested a

half-ounce Stanley jig with a Bass Kandi T-Craw, plus Texas-rigged

T-Craws, speed bugs and Kandi stiks all fished very slow around

shallow cover.

Sabine River

Conditions are slightly stained to stained with water temperatures ranging from the low to 50s in some backwater areas.

Guins said bass are starting to concentrate in the backwater areas in preparation for the spawn. He suggested the Stanley

3/8-ounce compact spinnerbait (both willowleaf and Colorado blades) in chartreuse-white-blue or Toledo gold. He suggested

similar baits as those on the Calcasieu with Stanley jigs in black and blue while adding a Bass Kandi T-Craw trailer.

You really don’t want to use a jig without a trailer, especially in river situations. The trailer adds bulk and action to

your jig depending on whether you want a lot of action when in stained or muddy situations or minimal action in clear and

cold conditions. The choice of trailer allows you to tailor your jig to make it do what you want it to do.

B.A.S.S. Elite update

The weather forecasters this week say it will be cool and wet, which should keep the bass in similar patterns The rivers could

clear up somewhat depending on the amount of rain.

Guins said the longer the spawn is delayed the greater chance that weights might be heavier during the B.A.S.S. Elite Series

Tournament, scheduled for mid-March.

One thing for sure, there is more attention on these rivers now than in any time I can remember.

In talking to a lot of anglers this

past weekend at the 26th Annual Central Gulf Coast Boat, Sport & RV

Show in Lake Charles,

several mentioned that 10 pounds a day could win it and for sure

it will be competitive.

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