Fishing Report: Good news all around for Southwest Louisiana hunters, fishermen

By By Joe Joslin / American Press

Water temps in area fisheries have stabilized somewhat after the strong cold front we had Thanksgiving week.

Most local waters have temps in the low-to-mid 60s. Captain Bruce Baugh, Big Lake guide who is in his element these days, loves cold water trout fishing where he can leave his boat and join the trout on the shell and mud flats. We are entering

prime wading season and Baugh says the big trout are making their annual migration to the flats. He stated that last week the water temp dropped to near 50 degrees as we had three nights in a row with air temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30s.

Baugh explains that the mud and shell flats hold heat and the big female trout go there to stay warm and look for a nice mullet to eat. Baugh reported that one day last week they caught and released 12 big trout that averaged over 5 pounds during an early morning wade. The largest was over 7 pounds. All of those trout were caught on Paul Brown’s Broken Back Corkies.

The Flounder bite is still on down south near the Pogey Plant with one of the hot baits being a Berkley Saltwater Gulp! Shrimp and Mullet in white or chartreuse.

Some anglers are rigging a tandem (double) rig with one of each color. Lots of really big flounder are

being caught with some of the productive area down south along the Ship Channel near the pogey plants. However, flounder are being caught in numerous places in the lake but cuts along the Ship Channel are the most consistent.

A follow-up on the photo last week of the big red that was caught by Johnny Watkins on the Egret Bayou Spin rigged with a Wedgetail. Several readers were not familiar with the bait which can be checked out at or Google ‘Egret Bayou Spin’.

Area Duck Hunting Report

Duck hunting seems to be good on almost

every front as Hackberry Rod and Gun reports that they averaged 14

blinds per day

the first 8 days of the season with approximately 15 ducks per

blind each day. They had good harvests of Mallards, Gray ducks,

Widgeon and Teal. The prospects of a great duck season seems very

good with a lot of ducks in the area for this early in the

season. One more solid cold front could really be exciting with a

new wave of birds. The number of duck hunters as well as

then number of ducks are both up on Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn.

Calcasieu River

“The bass bite on the Calcasieu River

slowed down somewhat this week,” according to tournament angler Doug

Guins. Afternoon

water temps are in the lower- to mid-60s. Recent rains have

altered water conditions slightly with the Westfork being clear

to slightly stained while the lower Calcasieu River is slightly

stained to stained. Guins continues to suggest a 3/8-ounce

Stanley Compact spinnerbait as well as small crankbaits. Some

quality small crank baits are Norman’s Baby Ns and Berkley’s

new Flicker Shad. Guins suggest shad patterns with a bit of

chartreuse. He also suggest a 1/2-oz. Stanley flipping jigs in

black/blue and a Texas-rigged Bass Kandi Craws, Berkley Havoc

Bottom Hopper and Trick Worms.

Guins also suggest suspending jerkbait

with long pauses (3-5 seconds) between jerks to trigger strikes from the


bass. With the water cooling down the presentation, oftentimes,

needs to be slower. He also suggest to target drains (ditches),

cuts and points. Guins reminds anglers that many fish have moved

slightly deeper plus the bite is often more subtle. He also

likes to look for spots where the sunlight has heated the area for

a couple of hours stating that the fish in these areas

tend to be slightly more shallow and aggressive.

Sabine River

Guins also submitted a brief Sabine

River report saying that there are a lot of fish being caught on

spinnerbaits and crankbaits

but that most of the fish are small with a few solid fish showing

up. In addition to spinnerbaits and crankbaits, both jigs

and Texas rigged soft plastics are also accounting for some bass.

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