Fishing Report: Cold front heats up Big Lake action

By By Joe Joslin / American Press

The recent cold front fired up the fishing in Big Lake, said Capt. Kirk Stansel of Hackberry’s Ron and Gun.

Stansel has been putting his customers

on fish by working the north end of the lake when the winds were from

the north, and

they did real well on trout. “Turners Bay was the best area for

trout,” reported Stansel, who suggested salt-and-pepper colored

Hackberry Hustlers (soft plastic) as being productive.

The veteran guide and fishing addict added that he looked for things to really pick up on Big Lake the latter part of the

week as winds die down. Should turn on over the entire lake.

Look for birds working or fish oyster reefs. He was using a quarter-ounce jig head with the Hackberry Hustlers and with the

salt-and-pepper color he also had success on glow chartreuse.

Stansel gave another hint that if your bite slows down to try live shrimp under a popping cork. He also mentioned that the

flounder bite is improving.

Another great report came from Capt. Bruce Baugh who said, “We have been hammering the trout lately with great numbers the

last several days.”

Baugh said the last front dropped the

water temperatures and found some water in the 50s Monday morning after

night temps

were in lower 40s. His tactic has been to drift midlake reefs and

said gulls have been working over much of the lake. He mentioned

that the size of the trout under the birds has increased.

Also, the north wind pushed water out of the marsh and a new crop of shrimp came with the huge tide drop. Baugh said on Monday

they followed a school of fish chasing shrimp to the surface and caught trout and reds for the first two hours until they


He said they did this with no birds in

sight, just shrimp jumping for their lives and mud boils made by the

roaming reds.

The flounder run is also under way, too. Baugh said, “All of this

has been happening on Pearl Berkley Gulp! Shrimp and Mirrolure’s

new Pearl Provoker on a quarter-ounce jighead.”

He ended his report by saying, “Fall fishing is on.”

Our final report comes from Elaine Huck of Calcasieu Point, who said, “If you could stand the cold weather, you could catch

some fish.” She added, “Fishing is still real good with limits of specks and reds coming in.”

She too mentioned the flounder fishing is excellent with a significant number of big flounder being caught. Turners Bay and

Commissary Point have been some of the hot spots talked about, as well as Prien Lake and Moss Lake.

Huck said the birds are working throughout the lake but said she feels this activity could improve. The marshes are still

producing some very big reds.


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