Fake news stories generate unwanted attention for DeQuincy

By By Warren Arceneaux / American Press

A fake Internet article is generating a lot of unwanted attention for DeQuincy.

The fictitious story about the town imposing a ban on twerking — defined by Oxford Dictionary as a dance to popular music

in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance — was posted Monday on the

nationalreport.net website, which presents fabricated stories. The story soon went viral, generating a constant stream of

phone calls to DeQuincy City Hall.

“It’s all a bunch of baloney, whoever this is, I don’t know why they decided to put their sights on DeQuincy,” said DeQuincy

Mayor Lawrence Henagan.

“Anybody that reads the article, it

says the mayor is Maynard Wilkens, everyone knows that isn’t true. Bobby

Jo Williams is

the sheriff in the town (in the story), we don’t have a sheriff in

the town we have (Calcasieu Parish) Sheriff Tony Mancuso.

“Anybody who knows anything about city

or state government knows that, as mayor, I don’t dictate laws, there is

a council

that introduces an ordinance that puts something into law, and you

have a public hearing a month later at the next meeting

and you pass or don’t pass the ordinance. I don’t think that’s my

job as mayor of the town, to go banning a certain kind of

dance rather I think it is appropriate or not. I think that’s the

parents’ decision.”

A story on the site last month claimed that the city issued guns to elementary school students and teachers.

Henagan was contacted by media outlets throughout the state on Tuesday, while calls from throughout the country came into

City Hall.

“Some people call laughing, some call asking if it’s true, media sources, mostly people calling asking if we have really done

that,” he said.

“A few weeks ago, they put out that we

were giving guns to all the kids at school. The first couple of times

you might laugh,

but find some other town to have fun with, get DeQuincy out of

your sights. The phone has been ringing off the wall, it has

really been kind of disrupting (staff members) trying to do their


“If you want to come put DeQuincy in

the limelight, come here and I will show you the positive things we have

in town, the

things we are doing to make it better. I don’t appreciate or like

someone trying to make fun of it or trying to make it sound

like simple-minded people live here.”

Henagan said he has been unable to contact anyone from the site.

“I have forwarded the site to

(Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John) DeRosier and his staff to have

them to look at it,”

he said. I doubt seriously there is anything you can do about it. I

don’t imagine if you call this group, it would be a legitimate

number. I would pursue legal action if I could.”

Henagan said he is proud of his city.

“What they need to know about DeQuincy

is the good people that are in it, the positive things we are doing, the

good things

we try to promote. They should know about the 30-something

churches, our RR Museum, come enjoy RR Festival, a family-based

festival, they should know about our old time museum, we have

uniforms from 4-star generals, people that have accomplished

great things in their lives. Come up here and have coffee, I will

take you around and show you the good things about DeQuincy.”