Entergy offers energy saving tips for summer

By Special to the American Press

Summer in the South means family

gatherings, evening cookouts and scorching temperatures. Before those

temperatures become

unbearable, Entergy Gulf States Louisiana wants to encourage

customers to consider taking simple steps to help lessen their

energy use.

“By following these hot weather tips and lowering energy usage, customers can save money and stay cool,” said Chip Arnould,

regional customer service manager.

Arnould’s energy-saving summer tips:

Set thermostats to 78 or the highest comfortable temperature. Each degree cooler than 78 can increase your bill by as much

as 3 percent.

Keep the cool air in your home circulating with ceiling, oscillating or box fans. The average ceiling fan makes a room feel

7 degrees cooler.

Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to remove excess heat and humidity caused by cooking, laundering and bathing.

Avoid using the stove if possible and grill outside instead.

Make plans to use dishwashers, washing machines and dryers — which add heat and moisture to your home — during the coolest

part of the day.

Not blocking air vents with curtains, shades or furniture.

Turning off unnecessary lights during hot weather and consider switching to cooler, energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs where

light is needed.

“In addition to the energy-saving tips,

Save Me Money Do-it-Yourself videos are also available online at


Arnould said. “The videos demonstrate installing a programmable

thermostat, caulking windows and doors, changing air filters

and installing insulation, among others.”