Dubois: Check out this crazy ending to a high school football game

By By Carl Dubois / Special to the American Press

The YouTube video shows this week's installment of "C'Mon Man" on "Monday Night Countdown," and it's possible you saw it last night. If not, check it out. Pay particular attention to the segment about a high school football game in Washington state.

For a story written locally, click here.

One of my favorite parts of the story:

Our society loves pointing out when game officials miss a call. It is only fair then to once again say "Great job" to these guys. They did not flinch. With all the chaos around them, the play was still live.

Indeed. Check out the official who keeps his eye on the ball, knowing it's a live ball and in play. Let that be a lesson to all the kids out there: There's a reason the official hasn't blown his whistle and is staring at the ball on the ground. He's waiting for one of you to pick it up and run.

Ah, the excitement of high school football.

Oh, and ... talking heads everywhere: Even if versus is abbreviated (vs.), it's not "verse." It's still versus. It wasn't Southern Miss "verse" Arkansas. Ditto the reference to Columbia River vs. Skyview.

Second verse, same as the first.


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Carl Dubois, a former American Press reporter and assistant sports editor, is a journalist and editor now living and working near Portland, Ore.