Dubois: 'You throw like a girl'

By By Carl Dubois / Special to the American Press

Yep. I heard it.

"You throw like a girl."

I was doing some freelance work for my former paper, the News-Register, when I heard one male high school soccer player say that to another Wednesday as they tossed around a football while the McMinnville High varsity football team practiced at Wortman Stadium.

My reaction was a smile and a soft chuckle on the inside, knowing we were at the place where they filmed "Quarterback Princess" 30 years ago.

The movie starred a young Helen Hunt in the role of Tami Maida, whose real-life experience in Oregon in 1981 was the basis for the story.

Maida played one season at Philomath, which is not that far from McMinnville. In the movie, she played for "Minville," with the name altered for legal reasons that elude me still. The team was called the Grizzlies, the same as the McMinnville team.

You can see a clip from the movie here.

You can find the full movie here.

So you can imagine why hearing "You throw like a girl" on the football field at McMinnville High School 30 years after the movie "Quarterback Princess" made my afternoon. The bonus came when I realized one of the teams in the News-Register's coverage area, Yamhill-Carlton, plays Philomath in the season opener Friday.

Philomath, I am led to believe, does not have a girl at quarterback this season.

Anyway, it was a moment I wanted to share with you.

• • •

Carl Dubois, a former American Press reporter and assistant sports editor, is a journalist and editor now living and working near Portland, Ore.