Downtown may get parking time increase

By By Justin Phillips / American Press

Businesses across Lake Charles may be

breathing a sigh of relief in the future thanks to the Downtown

Development Authority

Board’s proposed parking ordinance. During the board’s monthly

meeting Tuesday, an ordinance to increase the street parking

time limit by 30 minutes was presented and will be reviewed at the

Sept. 18 City Council meeting.

The streets include Broad, Clarence, Pine, Price, Bilbo, Division, Gill, Hodges, Iris, Kirby, Mill, Pithon and Pujo.

Lori Marinovich, the executive director of downtown development, said the new ordinances are an important issue for the local

community. The current 60 minute time limits on select streets have been affecting businesses and their customers.

“We’ve created a parking ordinance for the district where the time will be 90 minutes, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to

7 p.m.,” Marinovich said. “We always make sure to talk to our stakeholders and with this, they liked it.”

The board also highlighted the coming

culmination of the Ryan Streetscape Project. The event will take place

at the 1911 Historic

City Hall at 1001 Ryan St.

“It’s kind of a chance to show off the amenities we put in,” Marinovich said. “People will have the chance to walk the street,

do activities and meet the people who did all of the hard work.”