Donelon: At least 80,000 face canceled policies

BATON ROUGE (AP) — Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says at least 80,000 people in Louisiana won't be able to keep their

current insurance coverage because of the federal health overhaul.

Donelon said Monday that he asked insurance companies doing business in Louisiana for a tally of how many customers had existing

plans that can't continue under President Barack Obama's health care law.

He says at least 80,000 people will lose

their current coverage. A few insurers haven't yet sent back a response,

so Donelon

says he expects the final figure to be about 90,000 people whose

coverage is being canceled because the policies don't meet

federal requirements.

Donelon says most of the policies are for people who pay for their own insurance, rather than getting it through their workplace

or some other group.