Diocese of Lake Charles seminarian blogs about selection of new pope

By Special to the American Press

Diocese of Lake Charles seminarian Ruben Villarreal, a second-year theology student at Pontifical North American College in

Rome, has been blogging for the diocese about events surrounding the selection of a new pope. Villarreal is a parishioner

at St. Lawrence Catholic Church in Jefferson Davis Parish.

Excerpts from his Tuesday blog:

“The eyes of the world are on Rome, and

all of its residents and visitors seem to have become very reflective

about the significance

of this ancient capital of the world and about the events that are

unfolding here. Places such as St. Peter’s Basilica and

the massive circular colonnade and piazza that stretch out in

front of it can sometimes become commonplace, but in these day,

they seem grander and more majestic. Now that the cardinals are

sealed in the Conclave, all attention is focused on this one


“This renewed appreciation for the city

of Rome that many are experiencing is partly because of the incredible

media attention

of the last couple of weeks. Thousands of media outlets have

requested media passes from the Holy See, and just as many cameras

and reporters gather in and around St. Peter’s Square on a daily

basis. Priests and seminarians from the North American College

alone have done interviews with everyone from CNN to ABC. Some

were indeed surprised yesterday evening when Diane Sawyer strolled

into the refectory while seminarians were having dinner!

“As the American cardinals departed the

North American College for the Vatican this morning, seminarians and

faculty members

lined the drive of the front lawn to see them off and to cheer

them on! In that moment, I was struck by the fact that cardinals

around the city were leaving their various residences to head to

the Vatican, just as they had left their countries or dioceses

to travel to Rome. One of them, however, will not be returning.

Whoever he is, he will soon be at the center of all of the

media attention.

“Let us continue to pray for the cardinals and especially for the new pope!”

• • •

For Villarreal’s complete blog, see the Lake Charles Diocese’s website at http://live.lcdiocese.org/news/1246-rome-report.html.