Debarge breaks out in song during sentencing

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

Gerald Debarge dropped to the floor and began singing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" during his sentencing hearing Friday morning.

Judge Michael Canaday sentenced him to five years in prison on a stalking charge he was convicted of earlier this year.

Debarge said he would not contact the victim again during his statement. Later, as Canaday prepared to sentence him, he fell from his chair to the floor and used an expletive while telling people to get away from him and saying, "Y'all can have court without me, you've done it before." He then began singing loudly.

Canaday had him removed from the courtroom, then continued with the sentencing.

Candaday said Debarge will not be available for probation or parole. The judge also said he must complete at least 85 percent of his sentence.