Cowboys' second spring scrimmage Saturday

By By Alex Hickey / American Press

Matt Viator says his team has returned

to practice from last week’s spring break rested rather than rusty. That

form will

be on display at 4 p.m. Saturday when McNeese State participates in

the second of its three spring football scrimmages at Cowboy


“We’re a little thin on troops in some areas, but all in all, the effort’s been good,” the Cowboys head coach said. “We’ll

see where we are in the scrimmage.”

The Cowboys will run 100 plays from scrimmage in addition to special teams work.

One of the biggest questions from McNeese’s first scrimmage has been answered.

Running back Javaris Murray, who went

down with a knee injury, was back on the field Friday, though he still

is not participating

in contact drills.

Quarterback Will Briscoe, who has had his entire career derailed by a variety of knee injuries, is also back in non-contact


“He does individual throws, but we’re not letting him anywhere close to contact yet,” Viator said. “Any time anything gets

live, he’s out.”

The scrimmage will cap off a long day for Viator, who is also conducting the annual McNeese coaches clinic in the morning

and afternoon. He anticipates nearly 100 high school coaches from Texas and Louisiana will be in attendance for the clinic

and scrimmage.

“Being a (former) high school coach

myself, I’ve always enjoyed it,” Viator said. “We’ve got some really

good coaches coming

in (to speak), and when it’s over they’ll have an opportunity to

watch the scrimmage. There’ll be good fellowship, a lot of

instruction, and they’ll do a lot of eating.”