Cowboys' first scrimmage set for Saturday night

By By Alex Hickey / American Press

McNeese State will get a slightly clearer picture of how training camp is progressing with Saturday night’s first fall scrimmage.

The Cowboys hit the Louis Bonnette Field turf at 6 p.m. All the plays are scripted.

If the scrimmage goes anything like the first 10 days of camp, the defense will be making a significant impact.

“Defensively, I’d like to continue to see the aggression we’ve had and the intensity we’re seeming to play with,” said head

coach Matt Viator. “Offensively, I’d like to see us have a little balance where we can run it and throw it.”

Viator said there is not a spotlight on any particular player or unit, though that will change after tonight.

“We’ll see who has something to prove after we evaluate them in this kind of situation,” he said. “Right now it’s been kind

of give-and-take.”

Viator estimated there will be about seven players who won’t participate due to minor injuries sustained in camp.

For three Cowboys returning from serious injuries it will be the first game-like setting in quite some time.

Quarterback Will Briscoe, wide receiver Reynaldo Young and safety Wallace Scott will all participate after long layoffs.

Briscoe’s history of knee injuries is well documented, with tonight marking his first scrimmage since the 2012 spring game.

“Will really looks like he’s getting back into rhythm. I think his knee’s fine. He think his knee’s fine,” Viator said. “He

was just really heavy-legged because he hasn’t done this for a year-and-a half.”

Briscoe said he’s regained some mobility this week after getting the brace on his right knee removed. He began training camp

with braces on both knees.

“I feel like a new man without it,” Briscoe said. “It’s hard to move with two of those things on. It’s bulky and kind of a

pain. Now it’s a lot better.”

Young has not played in a game since a suffering a gruesome broken leg at LSU in 2010.

“He’s got some of his speed back this year,” Viator said. “I’m not sure I’d go as far as ‘all,’ but he looks a lot better

than he has previously.”

Scott tore his anterior cruciate ligament last season and was still rehabbing during this year’s spring game.

Viator said Scott will be the most limited of the three in terms of playing time. He has been sitting out the second practice

of McNeese’s two-a-days, and will be on the field for 15-20 snaps tonight.

“We’re working him into situations a little bit at a time,” Viator said. “We’re hoping he can at least contribute by the start

of the season. We’re taking it kind of day by day with him.”