Courtroom Roundup: Debarge facing new stalking charge

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

Gerald Brent Debarge is facing a new stalking charge.

Debarge, 48, who has faced similar charges in the past, was indicted Thursday on one count of stalking.

District Attorney spokeswoman Holly Carter said Debarge, who has been jailed at Calcasieu Correctional Center for more than

a year, in July sent a letter to a person who he had been ordered not to contact.

CCC officials had revoked his letter-writing privileges and had only recently reinstated them when he allegedly sent the letter,

Carter said.

Debarge “continued to harass an individual and she feels threatened,” Carter said.

Debarge faced nearly 40 charges,

including domestic abuse by strangulation, in 2012, but pleaded guilty

to one count of violation

of a protective order in March 2012. He was sentenced to two years


He was arrested on Aug. 4, 2012, on a separate stalking charges and has been in jail since.

In January, he was found guilty of injuring a police dog and resisting an officer during his August arrest.

Other indictments

A Washington man was indicted on a charge of possessing marijuana in an amount over 60 pounds.

Police said a traffic stop on Interstate 10 in July led to the arrest of Mamadou Hassimiou Barry, 37.

Police said he was transporting 80 pounds of marijuana, worth $120,000, from Houston to Atlanta.

Richard Thibodeaux Jr., 59, was indicted on two 20-year-old counts of sexual battery.

The grand jury returned true bills on one count of sexual battery and one count of oral sexual battery.

The indictment said the alleged incidents happened between March 18, 1992, and March 17, 1993.

Two Moss Bluff residents were indicted on 33 counts of operating a methamphetamine lab.

Melanie Michelle Barber, 40, and Austin

Paul Sonnier, 23, also face one count of drug possession and one count

of drug production

with the intent to distribute.

Authorities said 33 small meth-making kits, called “shake-and-bake” labs, were found in a trailer camper.