Council celebrates honor; discusses fire station needs

By By Justin B. Phillips / American Press

Wednesday’s regular City Council

meeting began with a small celebration. Mayor Randy Roach told the

council about being named

the city of the year in Acadiana Profile magazine. He went on to

say how the achievement was only possible because of the

work the council does on a regular basis. He gave the members

certificates to congratulate them for the recognition from the


“It’s good news, and it’s nice to be recognized in a positive way,” Roach said.

The meeting addressed a number of local

issues, including those associated with a pair of fire stations.

Council members discussed

two ordinances for final action. One dealt with providing basic

furnishings and equipment for Fire Station 9, at 2991 East

Gauthier Road. The second ordinance addressed providing

furnishings and equipment in the same manner for Fire Station 10,

at 9253 Gulf Highway. In each instance, $15,000 will be used to

provide the items. Councilman Stuart Weatherford described

the amounts as “ballpark figures.” He said the council doesn’t

anticipate reaching that amount for each station.

The council also addressed the Planning

and Zoning Commission’s recent decision to approve a request for a

minor conditional-use

permit to construct 30 duplex dwelling units within a business

district. The business district is on the west side of the

400 Block Bunker Road. City Councilwoman Mary Morris voted against

the item, saying she preferred that the area be more stable

and that duplexes would only take away from that.

“I would like to have more stable market value homes in that area,” Morris said. The council approved the rezoning. Morris

was the only member against it.

An ordinance amendment regarding the

removal of dead trees on local property was also discussed. Council

members discussed

the details in amending the ordinance, before deciding against

making any significant decision. Councilman Rodney Geyen suggested

the council wait to make any decisions until they were all able to

fully understand the details of the amendment.

The item was deferred until Nov. 20.