Company president says residents have no reason for concern

By By Natalie Stewart / American Press

Some Sulphur residents have expressed concerns over a license they thought would allow for radioactive material to be stored

in their neighborhood.

But the president of the company said there is “no need to worry.”

Advance Corrosion Technologies and Training, located at 75 Center Circle Ave., uses radioactive material to detect corrosion

in industrial operations.

Residents in the Maplewood area wrote a letter expressing their concern about the storage of radioactive material near an

elementary and middle school, day cares, churches, a park and a densely packed neighborhood.

ACT&T president Randy Prejean said

the company has no plan to store radioactive material at the office in

Maplewood and that

the chemicals stored at the facility now are stable, non-emitting

materials and only become radioactive when used in the plants

to run the tests.

Concerned residents wrote in the letter that they “feel that this perception of radioactive materials will affect us and our

ability to attract business.”

According to the DEQ’s website, the materials used can consist of Iridium-192, Cobalt-60, and other isotopes.

“I understand the concern, I really do, but we haven’t even filed for a license yet,” he said. “There were never any plans

for that at the Center Circle office. The license that we are going to apply for, we were going to have our office that is

on an industrial parkway in Baton Rouge put on it.”

Prejean said a facility is being built south of Sulphur to house materials in a rural area near local industries.

“In the future, we may do some work on

site and that’s why we decided to build an office south of town where

there aren’t

residential areas or anything around,” he said. “We can’t just

come into a subdivision and do whatever we want; (the Louisiana

Department of Environmental Quality) has to approve everything,

and I wouldn’t do that anyway.”

Prejean said the Sulphur office is

licensed to store non-emitting materials, but everything is “closely

monitored and regulated.”

“We currently have some equipment that stores materials, but it’s a turn the switch on kind of thing, it has to be activated,”

he said. “It doesn’t emit anything and the DEQ has approved everything that we have.”