City Council postpones decision on proposed budget

By By Justin Phillips / American Press

The City Council on Wednesday decided to postpone its decision on the proposed budget for the 2013-2014 fiscal year just a

little longer. The delay isn’t due to anything in particular.

In fact, a decision will be made on the budget at a special meeting scheduled for Sept. 10.

“It’s just a regular part of the process,” Mayor Randy Roach said. “We could have taken it in as early as tonight, but we

chose to defer it until the 10th.”

Roach said the budget has to be adopted by Sept. 15.

One of the most contested topics on the agenda was a proposal to rezone property on the north-side 2600-2700 blocks of West

Prien Lake Road and the west-side 3400-3500 blocks from residential to a mixed use.

Residents directly affected by the proposal came to share their opinions, some in support and others against.

The council ultimately passed an amendment regarding the item. At the behest of councilman Dana Carl Jackson, the amendment

says that if the rezoning occurs, it would not take effect until Jan. 1.