Citgo launches Earth Keepers recycling program

By By Frank DiCesare / American Press

Volunteers from Citgo came out to Stine in Sulphur early Friday morning to launch the company’s Earth Keepers recycling program.

Citgo workers accepted paper, plastic,

aluminum and cardboard from residents who drove alongside the company’s

recycle bin

in Stine’s parking lot. Dana Keel, Citgo’s government and public

affairs manager, said the eight-yard bin will be a permanent

fixture at Stine, the first of eight that will be placed around

the city.

Keel added that Citgo will be kicking off Earth Keeper’s school edition on Dec. 2 at Sulphur High School. The company plans

to bring the program to each of the city’s 11 schools.

“Our goal is to have this program in all of the schools throughout Calcasieu Parish and throughout the community,” she said.

“We hope to do that very soon. We will have the program implemented in six schools (in Sulphur) by the end of this year.”

Part of Citgo’s Fueling Good

initiative, Earth Keepers is the company program that seeks to raise

awareness of about recycling

and environmental stewardship. Acceptable items in the program’s

recycle bins include paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum

cans. Those who want to recycle cardboard boxes are asked to break

them down beforehand.

Residents are asked not to bring food waste, loose plastic bags, electronic waste or glass.

“I believe people want to recycle in

this area; they want to do it desperately,” said Dennis Stine, co-owner

of Stine. “It

would be great to have curb recycling. That’s expensive, but I

think that will come. At a minimum, if we can do this and get

people encouraged, I think that’s a start. It starts with one

person and I think it will proceed from there.”

Stine added both young and older people alike are looking to recycle as a way of helping to guarantee a renewable Earth for

future generations.

“I think some people who may be skeptical might say, it’s a lot of trouble, and I just won’t do it cause it doesn’t mean that

much,” he said. “But if everyone took that attitude we will not have a renewable Earth. And quite frankly, we are having a

renewable Earth because a lot of people are not taking that attitude. One person, one step at a time.”

Citgo Earth Keepers Recycle Program is a partnership between the refinery, the city of Sulphur, Stine, Waste Management and

the Calcasieu Parish School Board.