Church offers to clean up community

By By Louis Bonnette / Special to the American Press

More than 30 members, adult and children, of University United Methodist Church kicked off a Sunday afternoon community project


The group undertook the collection of litter in the LaGrange High School area, as well as around Henry Heights Elementary

School, the adjoining sports fields and the soccer field located behind the Coyote Blue restaurant off Ryan Street.

Jennifer Swan, the chairperson of the project, said that the Sunday afternoon practice would be an ongoing affair.

“This was our kickoff and we’re excited about the turnout. We want our neighborhood to know that we care about it,” she said.

Among other upcoming Sunday afternoon projects will be the handing out of water at an area park, a chore day to assist the

elderly, nursing home visits, a youth area work day and a food drive.

Other committees within the church are also serving with the Sunday afternoon group.