Chennault awards contract for Hangar H construction

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

The Chennault International Airport Authority on Wednesday awarded a contract for construction of the $21 million Hangar H


Executive Director Randy Robb said the hangar, which should be completed by June 2014, will create about 500 permanent jobs.

Contract B was awarded to Alfred Palma, LLC for about $10.3 million. The new hangar, which is 112,000 square feet, plus 6,000

sq. ft of office space, will support the future growth for Aeroframe Services and Northrop Grumman, Robb said.

“Chennault is growing and moving forward just as fast as we can build,” Robb said.

Robb even said there is more room at Chennault to add another hangar the size of Hangar H.

The hangar, which will feature doors that open up and down rather than from side to side, is designed to hold four planes but is versatile enough to house larger airfcraft.

Chennault will pay about $4 million, the state will pay $3.1 million, Louisiana Economic Development will pay $14 million

from the Community Development Block grant program, and $400,000 will come from Louisiana Department of Transportation and


Specifications were tight, and bids came in around $100,000 apart, which is unusual, Robb said.

Construction will begin in May.

In June 2012, two items — one on specifications, the second on a materials contract — were passed by the board.

The first item allowed Chennault to

prepare plans and specifications to advertise for construction and

support services for

Hangar H. The other awarded Contract A to the lowest bidder for

construction materials, mainly steel, which cost $4.7 million.

There will be another $3 million contract, which will fully outfit the hangar, that will go before the board in about six months.

The board also on Wednesday approved for Chennault to prepare plans and specifications to advertise for concrete repairs on

driving lanes from Hangar A to Hangar G.