Chennault airshow coming back, better than ever

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

The Chennault International Airshow — the first Lake Charles airshow in 15 years — will be Sept. 28-29. The event will feature

daredevil acts, precision demonstrations, fly-bys, ground displays and exhibits.

“While the airshow will be at

Chennault, this is not a Chennault performance,” Randy Robb, president

of the airshow’s volunteer

board, said at a news conference Wednesday. “This is a performance

of a group of volunteers and great Americans who are putting

on the airshow.”

Performers will include a Canadian Forces F-18 demonstration, the Aeroshell Team, Flash Fire Jet Truck, Randy Ball MiG-17,

Jane Wicker Wing Walking, Red Tails P-51, Melissa and Rex Pemberton Aerobatics, and Kevin Coleman Aerosports.

“We are so happy to honor the rich aviation history at Chennault,” Megan McLellan, airshow director, said. “The sky will be

full, and the runway will be action packed. Once again, we’re introducing Lake Charles to the national airshow industry.”

Static displays will include military and general aviation aircraft. Additional features will include the “Red Tails” movie

and exhibit, children’s activity area stimulators, R/C aircraft demonstrations, commercial business displays and airplane


Peter O’Carroll unveiled the airshow’s new logo, which includes a Flying Tiger, designed by Mindy Schwarza¬≠uer of the O’Carroll

Group. “We wanted to create an image for this airshow, a logo that picked up the spirit and attitude of Gen. Chennault and

everything he represents,” O’Carroll said.

The airshow will be 10 a.m.-5 p.m. each day. Flying runs will be noon-4 p.m. General parking will be available.

No food, drinks, coolers, portable awnings or tents, alcoholic beverages, pets, bicycles, firearms, skateboards, scooters

or inline skates will be allowed on the grounds.

Children ages 5 and under will be admitted free. Tickets for those ages 6-12 will be $7.50 online and $12 at the gate. Tickets

for those age 13 and up will be $15 online and $20 at the gate. Tickets for senior citizens will be $15.

A $2 transaction fee will be applied for each ticket.