Change of venue debate up next in LaFuria trial

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

Prosecutors and defense attorneys wrapped up questioning of prospective jurors Thursday morning in preparation for a change

of venue debate in former gynecologist Peter LaFuria’s trial.

LaFuria is accused of taking photos of his patients without their knowledge. He is charged with 186 counts of video voyeurism,

78 counts of sexual battery and five counts of molestation of a juvenile.

Defense attorneys Glen Vamvoras and Shane Hinch filed the change of venue motion, arguing that media coverage of the case

has made it unlikely that LaFuria can receive a fair trial in Calcasieu Parish.

Fifty prospective jurors were questioned Wednesday and Thursday and media reports of the case are expected to be entered into

evidence today, Vamvoras said.

Once the venue change hearing wraps up,

the court will resume a motion to suppress evidence hearing that has

been ongoing

for five years. Headway was made on the hearing Oct. 10, but

proceedings were postponed until today because not all witnesses

could return the next day.

The defense is arguing that evidence taken from LaFuria’s truck was not covered by the search warrant for his medical practice

and all vehicles on the premises.

Furthermore, it was agreed by prosecutors and defense attorneys on Oct. 10 that if the evidence from the truck is thrown out,

evidence taken from LaFuria’s house will also be declared inadmissible because the evidence in the truck led investigators

to search the house.