Carroll, Roach agree to discuss possible contract

By By Justin B. Phillips / American Press

During a City Council meeting earlier this week, District Fire Chief Chris Carroll, liaison for International Association

of Fire Fighters Local 561, and Mayor Randy Roach agreed to schedule a meeting to discuss a possible contract.

Even though the Fire Department gave a preliminary contract to the council recently, the two parties have spent most of the

last few weeks working on the issue separately. Carroll said he will meet with the mayor Monday morning.

“I’m sure we’re going to discuss the idea of a memorandum of understanding,” Carroll said. “We’ll take whatever we can get

at this point. As long as we’re addressing the important issues.”

Carroll joked that he, along with the

other members of the department, knew all along that they wouldn’t get

rich being firefighters.

He said the main goal is to get some of the things back from the

last contract.

“That’s all that we’re asking is to get back some of the things that we lost,” Carroll said. “If he says the city can’t afford

some of it, then we can understand that. We’re just hoping to make some progress.”