Caldwell: AG’s Office working to make criminals pay

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

The state’s chief legal officer said his main goal has been to hold criminals accountable for their actions, while recovering

millions of dollars for Louisiana from fraudulent practices.

On Thursday, Buddy Caldwell, who is on his second term as state attorney general, spoke at the Republican Women of Southwest

Louisiana’s monthly luncheon.

Caldwell said he has focused on protecting children from Internet predators and has recovered millions of dollars through

Medicaid fraud prosecution.

Caldwell, who served as district attorney for East Carroll, Madison and Tensas parishes prior to being attorney general, called

himself a “career prosecutor.” He touted his 99 percent success rate as a district attorney.

Recently, the Attorney General’s Office recovered $238 million from a list of 109 pharmaceutical companies.

“Everyone on the list had to pay and had to pay for a reason,” he said. “I got (the money) back, and I’m going to keep getting

it back.”

He told the women he is “very pro-business” after growing up in his family’s drugstore. “The decisions I make are basically

pro-business,” he said. “When I decide to sue somebody they have to have done something wrong.”

He added that he wants oil and gas companies to be held responsible for faulty actions. “If you mess up, you clean up,” he


He said the biggest victim of predator lawsuits is the state of Louisiana.