Calcasieu school system employees to get salary supplement

By By Nichole Osinski / American Press

For the first time in four years, Calcasieu Parish school system employees will receive a one-time salary supplement.

The School Board on Tuesday voted to use nearly $5 million in general fund reserves to provide the extra money.

The supplements ­— $800 for full-timers and $400 for part-timers — will be tacked on to workers’ Nov. 30 paychecks.

“We have a little extra money in our budget, and we want to pass it on to our employees,” said District 9 School Board member

Randy Burleigh. “We are looking at ways to improve pay scales ... it’s looking very positive in the next few years.”

Most of the money for the supplement

will come from sales tax revenue, and the rest will come from surplus

funds. Karl Bruchhaus,

the school system’s chief financial officer, discussed the

supplement with the School Board’s budget committee Oct. 23.

“The board has demonstrated in years

past that if the money is there we will pass it on to our employees,”

Burleigh said Tuesday.

“We’ve got the excess funds in the budget because the sales taxes have improved lately. The economy has actually improved

because of what’s going on at Chennault and the port and the local industries.

“That money is flowing through our economy, and we’re seeing that difference.”