Calcasieu Parish schools making the grade (with complete grading chart)

By By John Guidroz / American Press

Twelve Calcasieu Parish schools earned

A’s for the 2011-2012 school year — grades that School Superintendent

Wayne Savoy attributes

to “the dedication of our teachers wanting their students to


“Teachers and principals are doing everything they can to get the most out of the students and provide the opportunities that

they need by understanding those learning styles (so) those children can succeed,” he said. “Our scores are showing it.”

The state Department of Education released statewide school report cards Monday. Parishwide, there were 13 B schools, 17 C

schools, 12 D schools and three F schools.

A school’s grade is based on its

Baseline Performance Score, which uses two years of performance data and

different formulas

based on the type of school. The grades are based on factors like

test scores, attendance and high school graduation rates.

The three F schools were Ray D. Molo

Middle Magnet School, John J. Johnson Elementary School and Reynaud

Middle School. A

school earns an F if its Baseline Performance Score is below 75, a

standard that the state Board of Elementary and Secondary

Education raised from 65 points last year.

Both Johnson and Molo scored above 70 and saw their scores improve over last year. Reynaud’s score was 64.7, which was down

less than one point from last year.

Savoy said an occasional lower score is common, even among high-performing schools. He said Reynaud “has come a long way”

from its 2008 Baseline Performance Score of 58.8.

The issue with some low-performing

schools is some students not taking early education programs, like Head

Start or prekindergarten,

Savoy said.

“When they enter the first grade, they’re going to be behind already,” he said. “The school has to get that student at a point

where he or she can catch up.”

Savoy said Reynaud’s low enrollment could cause its score to drop based on one low-performing student, and that some factors

that may hurt the baseline score are out of the school’s control.

Score Gains

Eight schools saw their Baseline

Performance Scores improve by more than 10 points. Vincent Settlement

Elementary and John

F. Kennedy Elementary both went up by more than 20 points. E.K.

Key Elementary went up by 17.8 points, and Washington-Marion

Magnet High School went up by 16.9 points.

Dinah Robinson, principal at John F. Kennedy, said the improvements are due to strategies like Response Intervention Tutoring

and working with students in small groups.

“We do a lot of one-on-one with the students,” she said. “It’s the key to identifying problems, and it’s the key to resolving


T.S. Cooley Magnet School earned the parish’s highest Baseline Performance Score of 152.6. Sam Houston High School scored


Barry Landry, press secretary for the Department of Education, said most of the improved scores are due to students performing

better on exams, especially high school end-of-year tests.

The parish’s high schools are performing better — which Savoy said is because teaching is improving “all the way down the

line from pre-K all the way up.”

“I believe that each year we have a better-prepared student for the next grade than we’ve ever had before,” he said.

Score Drops

Most of the drops in the 2012 Baseline

Performance Scores for Calcasieu schools were less than one point from

the 2012 Growth

Performance Score. S.P. Arnett, Barbe Elementary. T.H. Watkins

Elementary and J.I. Watson all went down four points, and Henry

Heights Elementary’s score went down five points.

Savoy said his main goal is making sure the school performance scores grow continuously over several years.

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