Calcasieu OEP sends two employees to help with Sandy recovery

By By John Guidroz / American Press

Two employees of the Calcasieu Parish

Office of Emergency Preparedness will head to Albany, N.Y., for a

seven-day recovery

assignment to assist areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, which

caused major damage in several states along the Atlantic coast

last week.

Norman Bordeau, OEP operations manager, and Rob Daughdril, the office’s emergency medical service specialist, are part of

a five-person team that is responding to the immediate needs in the areas affected by Sandy, OEP Director Dick Gremillion

said Monday.

The New York State Office of Emergency

Management requested help through the Emergency Management Assistance

Compact, which asks

emergency agencies to help areas impacted by a disaster.

Gremillion said the team will help local officials prepare for all

of the issues that arise following a devastating storm.

“Sometimes, you have a county emergency

management agency with a small staff, and you‘re overwhelmed with all

you have to

do during a disaster,” he said. “Louisiana has some of the most

experienced emergency personnel because of all the activity

we had over the last few years. Someone who’s been through this

before can judge the situation, because there’s a long list

of things you don’t think about.”

Dexter Accardo, director of the St. Tammany Parish Emergency Operations Center; Kevin Davis, GOHSEP director; and Christopher

Guilbeaux, GOHSEP operations manager, are traveling with Bordeau and Daughdril.

Gremillion said that Bordeau and Daughdril may be asked to stay past the seven-day period.

“This is going to be a long drawn-out affair,” he said. “Some areas are still in response mode and haven’t gone to recovery


Bordeau has 20 years of experience in emergency management. Daughdril, a registered emergency medical technician, has 35 years

in emergency management.