Calcasieu Kennel Club offering obedience classes

By Special to the American Press

The Calcasieu Kennel Club is offering Canine Good Citizen obedience classes 6-7 p.m. Wednesdays in the east parking lot at

Burton Coliseum, 7001 Gulf Highway. The classes begin Sept. 11 and end Oct. 16 for a total of $50.

The American Kennel Club test for

Canine Good Citizen will be held on Oct. 23 for a fee of $10 if the dog

is not enrolled

in the classes. Dogs, mixed breed or purebred, over six months of

age must be enrolled prior to Sept. 11 since the class is

limited to 20 dogs. Contact Sallie Shepherd at (337) 304-5788 for

an application and/or more information or go to the club’s

website and click on Canine Good Citizen.

The 10 test items to be taught as well as some other practical items are:

• Accepting a friendly stranger (dog stays with handler when greeted by a stranger)

Sitting politely for petting (dog cannot show shyness or aggressiveness)

Appearance and grooming (stranger brushes dog/examines ears & feet)

Out for a walk (at handler’s side on loose leash)

Walking through a crowd

Sit & down on command/staying in place (may use more than 1 command)

Coming when called (on leash/may use multiple commands)

Reaction to another dog (dog under control as another dog and handler approach)

Reaction to distractions (loud noises, jogger running by, etc.)

Supervised separation (dog on-leash with stranger for 3 minute)