Cable, satellite costs expected to rise

By By Justin B. Phillips / American Press

Cable and satellite will start getting more expensive not only for portions of south Louisiana, but the entire country. Rate

hikes are scheduled over the next month, with some of the price increases having begun earlier this week.

For DirectTV, Dish Network, AT&T

and Cox Communications monthly increases range from $2 to $5. The

AT&T U-verse price hike

will start Jan. 26 and will see customers paying $3 more per month

for all service plans except for U-basic. For most Dish

Network subscribers, the $5 service increase began Saturday.

Direct TV customers will see an increase between $3 and $5 for

its basic entertainment plan and its premier package.

For Cox customers in south Louisiana,

the price will vary based on the type of service package. Cox attributes

the increase

to the economic climate and the rise in fees it has to pay

national and local networks to carry their programs. The decision

was described in detail in a written statement from Cox

spokesperson Sharon Bethea.

“The rising cost of what we pay national TV networks and local broadcasters to carry their stations and programs is the main

reason for the video price increases,” Bethea said.

Bethea also said the average increase for Cox customers will be less than $12.

Cox pays hundreds of millions of dollars annually to TV networks like ESPN/Disney, NBCU, Viacom and FOX to obtain programming,

Bethea said.

For residents looking for ways to

bypass cable or satellite, there are options available, including Apple

TVs, Google Chromecast,

Smart TVs and Roku boxes.

According to service representatives from Best Buy, the products allow users to stream television shows via the Internet with

subscriptions to programs like Netflix that cost less than $10.