Browns LB Fujita meets with Goodell

NEW YORK (AP) — Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for about one hour Friday

about his suspension in the Saints' bounty case that was temporarily lifted earlier this month.

Fujita was suspended for three games for his

role in the bounty program while he played for New Orleans. He missed a


last week with Goodell while recuperating from a knee injury, and

was not granted a video conference meeting with the commissioner.

Previously, Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith,

still with the Saints, and Anthony Hargrove, now a free agent, met with


after an appeals panel ruled Goodell must redefine the parameters

of the suspensions, showing they were for an intent-to-injure


Vilma was suspended for the entire season, Smith for four games, Hargrove for eight.