Boustany: Representative government based on trust

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

At a campaign stop in Lake Charles on Thursday, U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, R-Lafayette, told members of the Republican Women

of Southwest Louisiana that he is a proven leader they can trust.

“You’re leaders in this community and our party,” Boustany told those at the luncheon. “Leaders take on responsibilities and

do tough things. Trust is so critically important.”

Boustany said America’s representative form of government is based on trust.

“Eight years ago you put that trust in me. I’ve worked very hard to keep that trust,” Boustany said of his time in Congress.

“It means you put your faith in somebody to make they’re best possible judgement and look at the issues.”

Boustany said he wants to continue to support the area with economic development opportunities.

“When I took office no one paid attention to Lake Charles,” he said. “Lake Charles is now driving the Louisiana economy.”

He commended efforts by the Port of Lake Charles to cultivate economic development, as well as investments by the energy sector

in the region.

“Our state is a maritime state,” Boustany said. “If the country is going to grow we have to recognize we are a maritime nation.”

He touted that local leadership is the reason for the success.

“We all work together despite hardships,” Boustany said.

Becky Farque, president of the Republican Women of Southwest Louisiana, has said the group will not endorse any candidate

in the race because its bylaws do not allow it to do so.

The open primary election will be Nov. 6.