Beheaded boy sanity hearing expected to end Friday

THIBODAUX (AP) — A man accused of beheading his disabled 7-year-old son told a mental hospital guard that he was "on Easy

Street" because he had a good family and a good lawyer.

The Daily Comet reported that the second day of a sanity hearing for Jeremiah Wright focused on the

implications of that comment, which was quoted in documents read in court on Wednesday.

Defense witnesses testified that the statement does not mean he is mentally stable or fit for trial.

Wright is charged with first-degree murder

of Jori Lirette, who was fed through a tube and required round-the-clock


The boy was killed Aug. 14, 2011, and his head put in the yard of

the house Wright shared with Jori's mother, Jesslyn Lirette.

The hearing is expected to end Friday.