Astros unveil new look for first season in AL

HOUSTON (AP) — The Houston Astros have unveiled new uniforms, getting rid of the brick red they’ve worn since 2000 and returning

to the orange and navy blue used for most of the franchise’s existence.

The new look coincides with Houston’s move from the National League to the American League for 2013.

The color scheme is the same used from 1962-93. They’re also using the logo from that era — an orange star with a white ‘H’

in front of it.

Houston also shed its Junction Jack

rabbit mascot and returned to a redesigned green space creature called

Orbit. He was Houston’s

mascot from 1990-99.

Team owner Jim Crane says of the uniforms: “I think it’s clean and tight. It’s got a little history in it and it’s got some

of the flashback stuff.”