Ballet fusing together wide range of talent for creative endeavor

By By Alex Onken / American Press


the Lake Charles Civic Ballet’s second annual show, will premiere at 7

p.m. Saturday, March 22, with a matinee performance

at 3 p.m. Sunday, March 23.


is an opportunity for us to help highlight some of the artwork and

creative accomplishments of other artists in Southwest

Louisiana,” said Lady Holly Hathaway Keough, the artistic director

for the LCCB. “For Civic Ballet, since our mission is dance

and art education, this falls into line with our mission is —

total theater, not just dancing.”

The show will have a range of performances with the retelling of Eloise Huber’s children’s book “The Tortoise and Its Hair.”

The tortoise shells in the production are made by Andy Keough, husband of Holly Hathaway Keough.


original production of “Louisiana Saturday Night” will feature Cajun

music by Chris Miller & Bayou Roots, with dancers

on stage.


a whole lot of fun for Southwest Louisiana to see dancers dancing on

stage to Cajun music, and somehow it works, both

classical ballet and Cajun music.” said Keough. “I’ve seen it a

million times, I have staged it, and last night, I still sat

on the edge of my seat, with an eager look on my face, enthralled

by the fun of this piece.”


dance tribute to Bob Fosse, the creative mind behind productions such

as “All that Jazz” and “Chicago,” will be performed,

as well as a flamenco dance by the younger members of the LCCB

with different styles such as rumba, tango and sevillanas,

among others. The dancers have been training for this piece since

last summer’s LCCB intensive workshop. Music for the flamenco

piece will be provided by Thomas Townsley on mandolin and Theresa

Romero on guitar.


performance of Cinderella will have music performed by the Lake Charles

Symphony (during Saturday’s performance)

and a cast of more than 75 dancers featuring Grace Helms as

Cinderella and Adrian Durham as Prince Charming, both principle

dancers for the LCCB.

Also appearing on stage will be John Ieyoub and Damien Thibodeaux as Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters.

Fred Stark, set designer for the LCCB, has designed a new backdrop for the production.

Keough wants the dancers to experience working with not only other dancers, but musicians, symphonies and costume designers.

All the fairies in “Cinderella” had costumes designed specifically for them.

“There are many professional dancers who wait and dream for a tutu to be crafted for them, specifically. This is an unusual

and amazing experience for these dancers.” Keough said.

“It’s such a labor of love,” Keough said of the entire experience. “We’re all here because that’s where our hearts are, the Rosa Hart Theater, performing.”