Animal Services moves 58 dogs to improve chances of adoption

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

Fifty-eight dogs from Calcasieu Parish Animal Services on Wednesday began their journey to Florida, where their chances of

adoption are better than they are here.

The transport was funded through the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after the local shelter applied

for a grant for transport.

About $100,000 worth of grants go

toward the transport of adoptable dogs from facilities where supply

exceeds demand to locations

where demand matches supply. The local shelter was one of about 20

animal rescue organizations nationwide that received a


Laura Taylor of Clearwater, Fla., was hired by the ASPCA to transport the dogs. She will also pick up 60 dogs from Natchez,

Miss., with a total of 110 dogs to be divided between two shelters in Tampa and Sarasota.

Taylor said small dogs and labs are very adoptable in Florida, adding that there are fewer dogs in Florida because of the

state’s stricter spay-neuter laws.

“We come to states like Louisiana that have a lot of small dogs and puppies,” she said.

She first got involved in transferring dogs after Hurricane Katrina. Her truck can hold up to 250 dogs.

“I adopted a puppy mill dog, and she has been my inspiration to get involved,” she said.

She said the local shelter should be commended for “thinking outside of the box” to avoid euthanasia.

“A lot of your animal shelters and controls that are government-run just stay with the status quo,” she said.

Nathan W. Areno, director of Calcasieu Parish Animal Services, said he hopes the dogs will “end up in a forever home, where

they can be loved and taken care of.”