No makeup days for Allen Parish students

By By Doris Maricle / American Press

Allen Parish students won’t have to make up the days they missed last month because of weather-related closures, according

to Superintendent Michael Doucet.

Officials canceled classes three days in late January because of inclement weather, which included snow and ice in some areas.

Many roads were closed and others were made impassable by ice.

“We have missed three days of instructional time due to weather which caused a safety hazard to our students,” Doucet said.

“Every year we build into our calendar three emergency days just for this reason.”

If any other emergency presents itself this year and students must miss another day, schools will need to make up minutes

by altering the school time or school calendar, he said.

Students in Oberlin did make up an unrelated weather day Monday after water problems forced schools and many businesses to

close last Friday, Doucet said.

Monday had originally been scheduled for a professional development, but to meet the required teacher contact days, school

officials canceled a student holiday and held classes, he said.