Allen school board votes to fund salary supplements

By By Doris Maricle / American Press

OBERLIN — The Allen Parish School Board voted Monday to use more than $1.2 million in local sales tax revenues and gaming

compact funds from the Coushatta Tribe to fund salary supplements for its 678 employees.

The supplements will be paid in the form of a 13th check to be disbursed by Dec. 21, Finance Director Wilfred Bourne said.

In its first action, the board agreed to use more than $1 million in gaming compact revenues from the Coushatta Tribe to provide

$1,490 for degreed professional employees, such as classroom teachers. All others, including support workers, will receive


In a separate measure, the board agreed to use more than $222,000 in surplus sales taxes to pay a $310 salary supplement to

degreed professionals and $180 for all other employees.

The sales taxes are generated by a one percent sales tax dedicated to salaries and benefits for school board employees approved

by voters in July 2003.

The gaming funds are down slightly from the previous year, according to board member Gregory Monceaux.

“The reason the numbers are down a little bit is because we didn’t get quite as much money as we have been getting from the

Coushattas, but it didn’t drop it down that bad,” Monceaux said.

Despite the decrease, the supplements are the same amount in total as last year with degreed professionals receiving $1,800

and all others receiving $1,030, Board President Carolyn Manuel said.

“The board has done a very good job on finding a way to continue with our annual supplement,” Superintendent Michael Doucet


Every year at time, the school board works hard and long hours to get all of the payrolls out to employees, Doucet said.

“Mr. Bourne and the girls do an exceptional job with this difficult task every year,” he said. “However, to a few it is never

fast enough.”

The board must wait until Dec. 3 to research all employees’ work history to make sure they qualify for the supplements, Doucet


According to a resolution approved by the board, to be an employee one must have worked at least one day from July 1 to Dec.


School board members or substitutes do not qualify for the supplement, according to Manuel.