Obits published Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Alidia Ceasar Ardoin, 87, Quirk & Son Funeral Home

Vernon Boudreaux, 42, Fondel Memorial Chapel

Keith “Willy” Wilson Broussard, 52, Johnson and Robison Funeral Home

Beverlyn Captain, 62, King’s Funeral Home

Agnes Elaine Copeland, 65, Labby Memorial Funeral Home

Benann Elias, 65, Combre Funeral Home

Juan Carlos Herrera Flores, Fondel Memorial Chapel

Jose Antonio Gabilondo, 85, Johnson Funeral Home

Philip S. Harris, 83, Fondel Memorial Chapel

Christine Hebert, King's Funeral Home

John Davis Hudson, 56, Johnson Funeral Home

Earl Murphy, 83, Braxton Funeral Home

Harvey Lee Myers, 64, Hixson Funeral Home of Lake Charles

Bernard A. Peloquin, 62

Wallace Anthony Reid Jr., 86, King’s Funeral Home

Wayne Frank Simmons, 69, Johnson Funeral Home

Rev. Willie Tillman Jr., 74, James Funeral Home

Joshua Michael Vaughan, 32, Johnson and Robison Funeral Home

Mark Wendell Webb, 50, Southern Funeral Home

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