Obits published Wednesday, Feb. 26

Joseph “Papa Joe” Breaux Jr., 70, Johnson and Robison Funeral Home.

Amy Michelle Gabbard Brown, 31.

Steven “Steve” Calhoun, 54, James Funeral Home.

Sam Raymond Collura, 94, Hixson Funeral Home of Lake Charles.

Abraham Conway Jr., 40, Combre Funeral Home.

Boyce “Bobby” Cormier, 70, Hixson-Sulphur Memorial Funeral Home.

Peyton Beaux Crochet, infant, Ardoin Funeral Home of Elton.

Debra Sue Demarest, 58, Hixson Funeral Home of Welsh.

Sarah Lynn Estes, 79, Restland Coppell Chapel of Coppell, Texas.

Isaac Guillory, 50, James Funeral Home.

Richard Stuart Hebert, 49, Johnson Funeral Home.

Lera Johnson, 66, Chaddick Funeral Home.

Mona Lynn Johnson, 61, Warren Meadows Funeral Home.

Capt. Homer Brown Jones, 89, Johnson Funeral Home.

Marie Leday, 76, Combre Funeral Home.

Pearl Weeks Tucker Lowery, 76, Chaddick Funeral Home.

James E. Meche, 63, Johnson Funeral Home.

Peggy Jones Morrison, 81, Johnson and Robison Funeral Home.

Beuford Joseph Pego, 83, Johnson and Robison Funeral Home.

James A. Rutherford, 33, Rush Funeral Home of Hineston.

Warren Edward Wade, 64, Johnson Funeral Home.

Eugenia Carol Wright, 82, Hixson Funeral Home of Moss Bluff.

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