Obits published Monday, Jan. 27

Dolores Broussard Aguillard, 57, Johnson Funeral Home

Paula Adams Broussard, Martin & Castille Funeral Home

Loyce Holmes Elmore, 75, Johnson & Brown Funeral Home

Cella Foster, 73, Lakeside Funeral Home

Marie Fuselier, 92, Combre Funeral Home

Audrey “A.L” Guillory, 75, Johnson and Robison Funeral Home

Larry Keel Sr., 56, Myers Colonial Funeral Home of DeRidder

Beanna Landry, 85, Combre Funeral Home

Mary Jane Manuel, 61, Johnson & Brown Funeral Home

Mahaley Mouton, 57, Combre Funeral Home

Cloyda Rechy, 65, Hixson-Sulphur Memorial Funeral Home

Joseph Elite “Nell” Richard, 75, Matthews and Son Funeral Home of Jennings

U. James Richard, 81, Johnson and Robison Funeral Home

Peggy Koonce Ritter, 80, Johnson Funeral Home

Vernon James Ritter, 90, Hixson-Snider Funeral Home

Patricia Kay Sonnier, 66, Hixson-Snider Funeral Home

Robert Stewart, 68, Hixson Funeral Home of Vinton

John Dempsey Stokes, 94, Hixson Brothers Funeral Home, Alexandria

Victor Taylor, 71, Johnson and Brown Funeral Home

Nellie Trosclair, 77, Hixson Funeral Home of Lake Charles

Lola May Tullos, 80, Hixson Funeral Home of Lake Charles

Daniel Lee Washington III, infant, Johnson Funeral Home

Ruby Bullock Winegeart, 87, Rush Funeral Home

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