Editorial: Student volunteering commendable

A recent survey by the University of Louisiana System’s nine schools showed that 25 percent of students and employees performed

volunteer service during 2011-12.

It is highly commendable that such a large number of students and employees are giving back to the communities where these

universities are located.

McNeese State University has long been a positive and uplifting part of Southwest Louisiana, so it is no surprise that it

ranked very high in the number of hours its students and employees contributed to volunteering.

McNeese’s 2,593 students and 353 employees logged in 72,429 volunteer hours in the time period surveyed.

The totals for all the system’s universities are 25,000 students and 1,900 faculty and staff logged more than 564,000 volunteer


“Serving-learning is strong in the

University of Louisiana System as evidenced by these survey results. It

is important that

our students not only gain classroom knowledge, but that they also

learn the value of giving to their communities,” said UL

System President Sandra Woodley.

Other universities in the survey

were: Grambling State, 4,931 students, 251 employees, 103,640 hours;

Louisiana Tech, 4,594

students, 149 employees, 44,705 hours; Nicholls State, 869

students, 140 employees, 13,633 hours; Northwestern State, 2,173

students, 260 employees, 57,324 hours; Southeastern Louisiana,

2,997 students, 447 employees, 45,389 hours; Louisiana-Lafayette,

4,860 students, 117 employees, 163,089 hours; Louisiana-Monroe,

779 students, 115 students, 33,339 hours and University of

New Orleans, 1,635 students, 66 employees, 30,498 hours.

Grambling, Louisiana Tech, Southeastern, and ULL were named to the honor roll this year. This national recognition program

began in 2006.

The UL System is administering a

$30,000 grant from Keep Louisiana Beautiful that funded recycling

awareness projects on all

nine campuses in the fall and will fund campus/community litter

abatement projects this spring as part of the Great America


The UL System and all the students and employees taking part in volunteer programs are serving their communities well and

setting a good example for us all.

• • •

This editorial was written by a member of the American Press Editorial Board. Its content reflects the collaborative opinion of the Board, whose members include Bobby Dower, Jim Beam, Crystal Stevenson and Donna Price.