Editorial: Will government waste ever end?

A recent

study by a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, Public Notice,

demonstrates that there is a spike in government spending

at the end of every fiscal year. This really comes as no surprise

but it does highlight how routine and wasteful government

is with taxpayer’s money.

The group’s website,

BankruptingAmerica.org, goes into great detail on what happens in

government agencies month-by-month

from fiscal year 2010-2012. Public Notice found a clear spike in

spending, department-by-department in the last month of each

fiscal year.

It was pointed out, according to an

internal email, the Defense Information Systems Agency, whose total

budget is $2 billion,

instructed workers that meeting their spending timelines was

“critical” in their effort to spend 100 percent of their available

resources for the fiscal year.

This attitude permeates the entire government.

Here are some examples of year-end spending:

l GSA awarded nearly $30,000 for toilet paper holders during the last two months of FY2012. (“Single Roll Toilet Paper Holder,”

Federal Business Opportunities, 8/9/12)


DOI solicited bids for football equipment during the last quarter of

FY2012. (“Football Equipment,” Federal Business Opportunities,



HHS awarded $11.1 million for a Chimpanzee Sanctuary System for retired

chimpanzees during the last Quarter of FY2012. (“Operation

And Maintenance Of A Chimpanzee Sanctuary System For Retired

Chimpanzees, Federal Business Opportunities, 7/19/12)


HHS awarded funds for a Traditional & Cultural Art Specialist and

Traditional Spiritual Counselor during the last month of

FY2012. (“Traditional & Cultural Art Specialist And

Traditional Spiritual Counselor, Federal Business Opportunities, 9/1/12)

l The Department Of State awarded $74,509 for gym equipment — including eight treadmills, four elliptical trainers, 11 spin

bikes and two stair climbers — during the last week of FY2012. (“78--PR2051269-Gym Equip,” Federal Business Opportunities,



The Department Of Veterans Affairs solicited bids for a market research

survey including an Xbox 360 Gaming System, a 23”

flat screen LCD monitor and preloaded games during the last two

months of FY2012. (“78--XBOX Gaming System,” Federal Business

Opportunities, 8/7/12)


IRS solicited bids for four elliptical machines and four treadmills

during the last five weeks of FY2012. (“Treadmill Equipments,”

Federal Business Opportunities, 8/23/12)

There is no reason to believe the massive, new government bureaucracy being created for Obamacare will be any less outrageous

and wasteful.

The next time you hear a politician or a government bureaucrat squawking about cutbacks in spending, remember how much of

your money they are so arrogantly wasting.

• • •

This editorial was written by a member of the American Press Editorial Board. Its content reflects the collaborative opinion of the Board, whose members include Bobby Dower, Mike Jones, Jim Beam, Crystal Stevenson and Donna Price.