Man accused of of intentionally exposing others to AIDS virus

By By Johnathan Manning / American Press

A Lake Charles man has been arrested for the second time this year on a charge of intentionally exposing others to the AIDS


Brice Dominic Joseph, 28, 632 N. Simmons St., was arrested after removing an IV from his arm and attempting to sling blood

at a deputy and hospital staff, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s authorities said.

Joseph called authorities Sunday night and said he had been hit with a baseball bat, said Commander James McGee, Sheriff’s

Office spokesman.

When deputies investigated, they found that Joseph had instigated the incident, attempting to stab several people, McGee said.

McGee said the person with the bat was defending himself.

Joseph was brought to the hospital because he claimed to have injuries from the altercation, McGee said.

In addition to the AIDS exposure charge, Joseph is also charged with aggravated assault, disturbing the peace, and public

intimidation and retaliation.

Joseph has been booked into Calcasieu

Correctional Center eight times since September of 2010, McGee said. He

has been charged

several times with disturbing the peace and public intimidation

and has faced charges as serious as home invasion, McGee said.

Of those eight arrests, the first seven

were by the Lake Charles Police Department, McGee said. The Sheriff’s

Office handled

the call Sunday even though it was inside city limits because

Joseph specifically asked the Sheriff’s Office to respond when

he called authorities.