A Piece of Cake has been in business for 23 years

By By Lance Traweek / American Press

A Piece of Cake has been in business for 23 years. Previously on Ryan Street for a decade, owner Annette McBride bought her own shop 13 years ago at 2711 Hodges St. She recently opened a second

location at 3611 Ryan St. called A Piece of Cake’s Cupcake Connection.

“I went into business because I love to make cakes,” McBride said. “I love to make people happy with the cakes that I make.

When I see their happy faces, it makes it all worthwhile.”

What is your most popular custom-made cake?

Our most popular custom cakes are

animal prints and tiered party cakes. We have many designs you can

choose from or you can

create your own. A few of our favorites are tres leches, ice cream

cakes, tiramisu, and much more. Now let’s talk pie, lemon

meringue, pecan, keylime, sweet potato, strawberry, chocolate,

pumpkin and apple. Oh but I don’t want to forget about our

magic bars, brownies, sand tarts, candies, or huge cookie


We at A Piece of Cake provide delicious and beautiful cakes and goodies. We make yummy cupcakes in a variety of delectable flavors. Red velvet, strawberry, German chocolate, and butter pecan just to name a few, which we also do in jumbo cupcakes that are stuffed

with creamy goodness.

What’s the process of making a multi-tiered wedding cake?

A spectacular wedding cake is the focal

point of your reception, at A Piece of Cake we have set times for you

to schedule

an appointment to sit down a discuss your cake with our

experienced professionals. We start with your expectations of your

dream cake should look like and make your dreams come true.

Grooms cakes are individualized to the grooms profession or hobbies.

What are your various prices and what does it include?

We start with a base price and depending on your design will determine your final price.

What varieties of cakes do you make?

We do a variety of different kinds of cakes birthday, anniversary, baby or bridal showers, and dinner cakes.

Business Snapshot

• Location: 2711 Hodges St.

Owners: Annette McBride.

Services provided: Cakes and pies.

Hours: Noon-5 p.m. Monday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday.

Years in Business: 23.

Phone: 437-9884.

Email: cakes@apieceofcakelc.com.

Website: apieceofcake-lc.com

Company Slogan or Motto: “We do cakes for all your celebrations.”